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Welcome to V-RP


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👋 Welcome to V-RP

Hello and welcome to V-RP! We are up and coming Roleplay server for the famous Grand Theft Auto Roleplay (GTARP) trend. We are powered by Rage.mp.

🚧 Server Development Status

Our server is currently still under development, we are working hard to get the server ready for you to start playing on with as less bugs as you can experience. We are also on the look out for developers to help us speed up the development process. If you are a developer interested in contributing to the development of V-RP please do send me a PM via the forums.

ℹī¸ What will V-RP have?

V-RP will be initially based out of Grapeseed and Sandy Shores making it easier for the community to roleplay within a small radius of the map. We will have plans on expanding the map radius to Paleto Bay and then eventually down to Vinewood once the player base has started to pick up.

As for the available functions that V-RP will consist of please see a few of the functions that we are working on below. I have not mentioned all but these are some of them.

  • Law Enforcement Departments (LSSD, LSFD, LSPD, GOV.. more to come soon)
  • Business system (Trucking & logistics, health care.. more to be added soon)
  • Job system (farmer, taxi driver, mechanic, pizza delivery, trucker etc.)
  • House system (Buy a house with a garage to store your cars)
  • Car dealership (Buy cars directly from the dealerships)
  • Character management system (multiple character management up to 3 Characters in the future)
  • Banking system to store and withdraw money from ATMs.
  • Supermarket system with NPC to buy items from.
  • Phone system with active Twitter accounts.

More functions will be listed once development has surpassed our timeline.

Join our forums to stay tuned for more information about V-RP.


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